How to Make a Payment

You can make a payment for the Initial Fee and Annual Membership Fee via Paypal.  If you don't have a Paypal account, you can sign up here.  For those who wish to make a wire transfer, please contact us.

​For Full and Associate Members, please note that there are two separate buttons for the Initial Fee and Annual Membership Fee, each of them leading to a configured payment link. So please make sure to make two separate payments for respective fees. Thank you for your understanding.  

Full Member 

Initial Membership Fee     ¥ 10000

Annual Membership Fee ¥10000

Associate Member

Initial Membership Fee       ¥5000

Annual Membership Fee ​ ¥5000

Support Members (Private)                       

Annual Fee                         ¥3000

Support Member (Corporate)                 

Annual Fee                        ¥50000