代表理事 鹿鳴家 英楽
理事 鹿鳴家  一輪
理事 鹿鳴家 幸楽
監事 鹿鳴家 人鳥

Kanaruya Eiraku (quite easy)

Since participating in the Rakugo Tachikawa style C course (general course) in 1984, he has been involved in the world of rakugo. He started a rakugo class in 1991 and an English rakugo class in 2007, and is active in the Tei name of the Kanaru family. The English rakugo that he has played so far has more than 60 seats, including Jugemu, Tokisoba, Scary Hamburger (adapted from Manju Scary), Noppera-bo, Shinigami, and One Stick. In Japan, he performs at hotels and international organizations, but also holds English rakugo seminars at schools and companies. He started performing overseas in 2015 and has toured in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Laos. In overseas performances, we held English rakugo seminars in London, New York, New Zealand, and Denmark, and the local people became familiar with rakugo.

Real name, Tatsuya Sudo. Another face is a university lecturer who teaches English and performances at Kanda University of International Studies and Komazawa University.

One wheel of the Kanaru family (quite yaichirin)

Studied classical rakugo under Kokontei Komako and English rakugo under Kanaruya Eiraku. Rakugo history 9 years. There are 18 seats for English rakugo and 14 seats for rakugo. So far, he has planned 3 overseas performances (New York, Georgia, England) and participated in 4 performances (+ Arizona). When people other than Japanese people hear rakugo and make them laugh, they realize again that human beings are the same everywhere. We also hold seminars using English rakugo and small stories at schools, universities, and companies. My favorite stories are "Falling" and "Tanu Tag".

Real name, Masako Uehara. My main business is a university lecturer. He holds many English 4 skill seminars and many other serious books. In the future, I would like to make use of English rakugo in English education and have fun laughing in English together.

Koraku Kanaruya

In 1986, while still in high school, he was the first high school student at a rakugo study group at a school festival. After graduating from university, he became aware of the importance of "comedy diplomacy" while working in Europe, the United States and African countries as a staff member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and started working on rakugo in earnest from 2018. Studied classical rakugo under Ryoma Kingentei and English rakugo under Kanaruya Eiraku. We are performing at home and abroad so that people all over the world can experience the traditional laughter of Japan. Also, as a language enthusiast, he is training to become Japan's first multilingual rakugo performer. In 2019, participated in performances in England (London, Manchester, Edinburgh) and Kazakhstan. His favorite performances are humorous stories such as "Chiritotechin" and "Children's Compliment".

Real name, Koichiro Fukasawa. When not on the high seat, Wasabi Communications Co., Ltd. (overseas marketing) and Camino Co., Ltd. (sustainable products) are the representatives of the crackdown.

Deer Naru family bird (quite yajincho)

Participated in Canary English Rakugo Class in May 2016. In September of the same year, he became the first high-ranking person due to "falling illness". As of February 2021, I have 10 seats. No experience of participating in overseas performances. The Takaza name comes from a penguin (human bird) lover. I have been weak in English since junior high school, but it was alleviated by the English drama at the English school I attended as a member of society. Further demonstration experiments are underway to see if it can be overcome by English rakugo.

As a tentative figure that deceives the real name world, he usually works as an administrative staff member of a private university somewhere in Tokyo, surpassing the glue.