About Us

Stories have been told across various cultures throughout the world for many centuries. Words of warning, morals, lessons and most importantly entertainment have been spread through the art of storytelling for generations. The mission of the English Rakugo Association is to inform, inspire, and entertain people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling.


One of our goals is to use English rakugo as a means for introducing Japanese culture to foreign audiences both in Japan and overseas. We would like to demonstrate the entertainment value of rakugo and inspire Japanese people to think of it as a method for introducing their culture.


Lastly, we would like to utilize English rakugo as a fun tool to help educate and encourage others to develop their English conversational skills. Oftentimes, schools and businesses lose sight of the fact that English is a communication tool. They devote far too much time to studying for examinations and much less time to learning how to effectively use language skills in communicating with others.


Learning English rakugo will help increase your confidence in verbal communication, liven up your speeches and presentations, and help you convey Japanese culture across the board.