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is the title 〉過去公演の様子

The opening event of the English Rakugo Association

The ERA's inaugural event at Edo Tokyo Museum was successfully over on June 27, 2021.

We would like to thank all the guests including Teimuraz Lezhava, the ambassador of Georgia, Kingeitei Ryoma, a member of the Rakugo Association, and Sanyutei Koseinen, a member of the Enraku Ichimon Group.

Greetings by the board members: Eiraku, Ichirin, Koraku

Greetings by the guests:Teimuraz Lezhava. Kingentei Ryoma, Sanyutei Koseinen


Stage 1

Eika Hijack, The life of a turtle

Tanekichi Too late doctor

Hotaru Scale, Kind words

Aimu Who is the driver?

Chiyokoma Drinking

Kokiraku The Zoo

Shichiri A thief

Simon Honesty

Peaki Next marriage, Next world

Banban Fridge

Yunrtaku Zig saw puzzle, Right and left, Chemical formula

Stage 2

Koraku Chiritotechin

Ichirin Peach Boy

Nuts & Nagami Bamboo Screen show

Eiraku The Judgement of Tengu


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