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​Bambi English Rakugo Club

The Bambi English Rakugo Club is a group run by members. While cooperating with the English Rakugo Association, you will run it mainly by the secretary. The venue will be reserved by the English Rakugo Association.  

1) Bambi is a meeting where all attendees plan, operate, and attract customers. A kick-off meeting (possible online) will be held where all the performers are present. Please adjust accordingly.


2) The Association will provide the contact information of the members. (We are asking those who have little experience in performing.) If you think it is an important decision, please put the association's email in CC:.


3) The venue will be reserved by the association, but some venues require separate reservations for equipment. In that case, please negotiate/pay directly with the venue.


4) Digital records of previous meetings are available on Dropbox. There is past data such as flyers, so please use it. Also, please create a folder for this meeting and keep a record of it. Access is possible with the following ID and password. Please do not share files, everyone, please enter with the following ID and password.


    Password: eigorakugo

(In case the security codeIf you get a message that it has been sent to, you can check it in your email account with password: kyoukai2222. )

5) Please contact us once the program and performers have been decided. The association decides on the program.


6) We will send a digital flyer template to the secretary.


7) When the digital flyer is completed, please send a photo format such as JPEG and an editable file such as PPT or word to the association email. Start advertising on the association site, Meetup, Peatix.


8) Debayashi has a CD from the former secretary, but the digital file is in Dropbox.


9) After the meeting is over, please transfer the venue fee (varies depending on the venue) + advertising fee of 3000 yen and let us know by e-mail.  Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Ltd. Aoyamadori Branch Normal 0417703 General Incorporated Association English Rakugo Association


10) If we receive photos of the meeting, we will post them on the association's website.


11) I would like to have a disc if you have videotaped. (Data is also acceptable) In addition, please watch the video only with the performer. (Please do not post anything other than your own on SNS.) 

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