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Rakugo in English
English Rakugo Short Stories
by Kanariya Eiraku

3. セカンドオピニオン

Second Opinion

3. セカンドオピニオン

Second Opinion


A doctor is talking to an alcoholic.

D:  If you keep drinking like this, you will die in five years.
   Don’t drink more than five cups a day.

The man was convinced and returned home.
After two weeks, however, the doctor found him blind drunk and lying on the street.

D:  You are my patient, right?
   I told you to drink only five cups a day.
A:  Yes, doctor. I followed your advice.
   I went to three other doctors for a second opinion after that and every doctor told me 

   to drink five cups a day. So it made 20 in total.

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