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Rakugo in English
English Rakugo Short Stories
by Kanariya Eiraku

59. 粗忽の殿様

Careless Load

59. 粗忽の殿様

Careless Load


The lord is talking with his man, Sandayu.

S:   Lord, here’s a letter for you.
L:   What does it say?
S:   I’m very sorry but your sister died.
L:   What! Did she die? Oh, I feel sorry for her. 

      When did she die?
S:   I don’t remember. Let me read the letter again. (He reads the letter.)
      Oh, it’s not your sister but it’s my sister who died last week.
L:   What! How can you make such a terrible mistake? You must commit suicide.

Sandayu had no other choice but to follow his master’s order.
Just when he was trying to cut his belly with his sword, the lord stopped him.

L:   Sandayu, you don’t have to kill yourself. Come to think of it, I don’t have any sister!

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