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Rakugo in English
English Rakugo Short Stories
by Kanariya Eiraku

93. 妻と犬

A Wife and a Dog

93. 妻と犬

A Wife and a Dog


on a leash                       紐につないだ

A man went into the police station to report that his wife was missing. The police officer began writing up the report.

P: How tall is she?

M: About this high.

P: How much does she weigh?

M: About average, I think.

P: How about the color of her eyes?

M: I think neutral.

P: And the color of her hair?

M: I think also neutral.

P: What was she wearing?

M: I don’t remember.

P: Was she carrying something?

M: She was carrying a dog on a leash.

P: What kind of dog?

M: A white German Shepherd. It is 48 centimeters tall, and weighs 53 kilograms. The color of its eyes is brown, and hair is yellow. And it was wearing blue denim with white stripes, and it wears a green collar and its registration number is I-2909-3796.

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