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Full Member/Associate Member Fee Payment

Admission fee and annual fee can be payed through PayPal account.


If you do not have PayPal account.・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

You can pay from your bank account through PayPal. See the detail from here. ・・・・・

If you have any trouble about payment through PayPal, contact us by mail.・・・・・・・


We have 2 buttons below for initial fee and annual fee; Full Membership and Associate Membership.
Please submit the payment from each button.

For initial fee payment, press [Buy Now] button.

For annual fee payment, press [Subscribe] button. This will be automatically claimed every year.

If you want to withdraw from the association, please contact us and cancel the subscription from PayPal site.

Payment for Full Membership

Initial Fee                         ¥10,000

Annual Fee                        ¥100,000

Payment for Associate Membership

Initial Fee                         ¥5,000

Annual Fee                        ¥5,000

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